Individual Instruction in Yoga Therapy is the perfect setting to address your goals and needs. Lilith Bailey-Kroll will help you identify target areas of growth, cultivate your unique strengths and provide feedback for accurate self-assessment to improve health and wellness. Each relationship is custom-tailored to best support your personal practice.

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You should consider Individual Instruction in Yoga Therapy when you are just getting started with yoga, have a specific condition or issue, or are a teacher wanting to continue your education in the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  Most students come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of fitness. They are initially drawn to Individual Instruction in Yoga Therapy because they are looking for ways to ease the pain or fatigue they have developed from stress, injury, or illness. What keeps them coming back is the freedom they feel in their body, the calmness of their mind and the transformation they see in their lives.

Generally a session starts with a conversation about your goals, concerns and journey. Often times clients have tried many things before they look into Individual Instruction in Yoga Therapy. All roads, whether successful or not, are insightful for the work we will do together. After the conversation you move through a set of poses as an assessment to understand limitations and strengths. During these poses we have a dialogue about what you are feeling or sensing. Often a pattern of movement becomes apparent as something to be investigated. These patterns can be the cause of pain or a compensation of movement that is leading to imbalance. The poses are not corrective but an opportunity for self awareness and the development of new and different ways of moving and being in the body. From here the journey is collaborative with your feedback and insight directing our work. A typical session involves movement into poses (asana) as well as breathing (pranayama) and awareness practices (meditation).