“From me to we” and “Hero’s Journey”

SHARE your hero’s journey
Stories of leadership
Passion for social action and community healing

Calling all IAYT members!

Interested in sharing your hero’s journey at the SYTAR conference in June in Reston, VA?

If your passion for social action and community healing has pulled you into a 
project that helps bring yoga therapy into a wider context, personally or 
organizationally, please consider submitting a proposal for our CIC. Our development as a profession depends on stories of your leadership!

The journey:
how did you engage and activate new audiences?
What prototypes or did you try, what worked, what didn’t work?

Come and let us learn together with creative conversations and experiential activities to draw forth the wisdom from our members who are mapping new territory as we move from ‘me’ to ‘we.’

The Common Interest Communities (CICs) are a very important part of the conference. Occurring at the very start of SYTAR, these focused sessions provide attendees an opportunity to not only connect with others who share their interests, but to learn from practitioners who have found successful methods and techniques useful in the area of interest.


CIC #5 Social Activism/Community Healing:
How might yoga therapy professionals respond to the increasing need for community well-being?

Lilith Bailey-Kroll, MFA, E-RYT 500
Allie Middleton, JD, LCSW, E-RYT, C-IAYT

We invite you to explore the development of yoga therapy as one aspect of the revolution that is emerging within innovative models of community-based care.

As a participant you will listen to short empowering stories from change makers who act as grass roots innovative stakeholders and healers.  Collectively we can experience more clearly the core personal issues and systems challenges facing our emerging profession.

Opportunities for networking and learning with other yoga professionals come from seeing the whole system. Together we lean into the emerging future of yoga therapy, listening to as many different perspectives as possible. We will explore what makes yoga therapy unique in mind/body integration practices asking, “what’s the difference that makes the difference?” Discover new strategies based in awareness and consciousness practices embedded in the essential heart and soul of yoga therapy as we shift our view from solution-focused thinking habits of the past.

This session will spark your imagination with new ideas and experiential activities as you plan your collaborations with other healthcare providers. Move your ideas into action and find creative new skills and tools to meet the emerging demands of the changing health care needs in our communities.

You can read more on IAYT’s Site here: http://www.iayt.org/?page=2018CICSessions


Six individuals will be chosen – with two back-up alternate presenters.

All chosen summaries will be published in the conference program guide and later, published on the IAYT journal hosting site as a supplement to the International Journal of Yoga Therapy.   Proposals are not edited and not subject to change after submission, so be sure your proposal is final.

•You must be a current IAYT member and log in your profile to submit a proposal
•Individual presenters only (no co-presenters will be accepted)
•SYTAR 2018 presenters in either the afternoon or morning sessions are not eligible to submit proposals to the CIC sessions.
•You may submit up to 2 proposals (in the same or different categories), however you may only present one.  If both proposals are accepted, IAYT reserves the right to determine which proposal will be presented.
•No support is provided for CIC presenters, but your name and proposal title are shown in the final program guide.

Important dates:
•Proposal submission deadline: February 23, 2018
•Acceptance notification: March 27, 2018
•Presenter’s registration deadline: April17, 2018

You can read more on IAYT’s Site here: http://www.iayt.org/?page=2018CIC_Call


Allie Middleton
Allie Middleton JD, LCSW, E-RYT, C-IAYT
Allie has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 45 years. After a diverse business career leading innovative start-ups in New York City, she committed her life to energy healing practices. She traveled the world leading leadership training in wilderness retreats, was deployed as a mental health first responder after 9/11 while working in a psychiatric crisis unit. After working in government, she designed and implemented an innovative community Person-Centered Recovery Program including yoga and expressive arts. Recipient of a grant from Kripalu to seed a yoga initiative at this community mental health agency, she consulted to the emerging Institute for Extraordinary Living at Kripalu. Invited by the Office of Mental Health in New York State, Allie taught evidenced based yoga and advanced embodiment practices. She coaches and teaches Theory U and Social Presencing Theatre globally, serves as yoga therapy training faculty at IAYT member schools.

LPetrilla_Lilith_web_headshot    Photo Laura Petrilla

Lilith Bailey-Kroll, MFA, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500
Lilith began teaching yoga in 1999 after completing a teacher-training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. She was invited by Carnegie Mellon University in 2001 to pursue an MFA in Fine Arts. A Buddhist priest in Japan whom she had studied with wrote in her letter of recommendation that she would be “the bridge between the east and west.” One manifestation of this idea was in 2006, when she opened her first clinic as a Yoga Therapist, Pratique Therapeutic Yoga. After working with more than 800 individuals, she closed the clinic in 2012 and began traveling the world promoting Yoga Is My Health Insurance (YIMHI), a holistic approach to living built upon the core principles of yoga with the goal of supporting individuals to improve health and wellness. Now living stateside again, she continues the work to educate people in the art and science of creating a healthy lifestyle. She sees leadership as a performing art that recognizes community and self as interconnected in the evolution of optimal health.